The FAQ provides an overview of the most common questions concerning this application. If your question is not listed here, you can always contact us at

No, not necessarily. In the app’s menu in the ‘Offline’ section you are able to
download maps for offline usage. This way you will not need an Internet connection
when using the app. Therefore no data expensive data roaming is needed.

Yes, if you do not use the off line maps. Your provider will bill you for the data
roaming the app requires when not in offline modus.

*(Data) Roaming is sending and receiving data over the Mobile Internet when
abroad. Like making regular phone calls, the rates for usage are higher if you are
not in your own country.

In the menu you can go to the ‘Offline’ section. Here you can find an overview of
available maps for offline usage. If you want to buy a map, simply tap to purchase.
Under the title ‘My maps’ there is a list of maps ready for offline usage.

Yes this is possible. For example: You can filter camping sites on Camper pitches,
allowing dogs, or the presence of a swimming pool. The filter menu can be found
in the upper right corner of the map. In the following menu you can select multiple
criteria for filtering. The green bulb on the filter button indicates if filters are
switched on or off.

Attention: When too many filters are active, it is possible that certain areas will not
show any camping sites.

By filling out the name in the search field you can search for the camping site.

TIP! By adding a camping site to your favourites you can find it in the Favourite
section. This way you can easily look it back up.

When you tap a camping site and go into its detail view, you can find a star icon
at the bottom left. Tapping this star will add the camping site to your favourites.
When you tap the heart icon you recommend the camping site to others. Next to the
camping site’s photo is indicated how many people recommend the camping site.

Yes it is. When you tap a camping site and go into its detail view, you can find a
share icon at the bottom right. By tapping it you can select how you want to share
the camping site. You can share it through Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and more.

The different coloured camping icons all represent something different in the

Red – A camping site that has not yet been visited
Blue – A Beast Deal Camping site
Yellow – A camping site that has been added to favourites
Red with grey stroke: Visited camping site during this session

A Best Deal Camping site is one of over 800 camping sites where you can stay the
night for the agreed Best Deal discount rate. To make use of the discount rate you
must have a Best Deal Card. In the ‘Best Deal Card’ section of the menu you can
request a Best Deal card for free!